About CIS-GReS

The home of CIS Graduate Research Students

About us

CIS-GReS stands for Computing and Information Systems Graduate Research Students. We are a group dedicated for all graduate research students with supervisors from the University of Melbourne's School of Computing and Information Systems.

We run a wide range of academic and industry-related events as well as networking and social events. These events aim to promote and build productive networks and linkages in order to open discussion, share research ideas and catalyse interdisciplinary research and support. The flagship of this is the annual CIS Doctoral Colloquium. Caring about student welfare and building a sense of community, we hold regular events as Weekly Tea Time, sporting events, and excursions outside the University.

We want to encourage you to get involved and be part of our community!

If you want to learn more about CIS-GReS, you could check our constitution.

Constitution for CIS Graduate Research Student Group V1.7 2017-10-23.pdf

Our goals

      • Enhance the academic and professional life of CIS-GReS members
      • Provide academic support and foster communication of research collaborations among members
      • Promote interaction, welfare, cohesion, and friendship between members via social events
      • Support the academic endeavours of members and to act as a representative of CIS graduate research students
      • Establish and maintain collaboration between members and industry partners
      • Maintain communication between current members and alumni

The Committee (May 2018 to May 2019)

To be elected later this year. If you're a member of CIS-GReS, we encourage you to be more involved and put your hand up to be part of the new committee!

The Committee (December 2017-May 2018)

President: Abdulaziz Murad

Secretary: Peter Eze

Treasurer: Fraser Allison

Communications Officer: Shima Rashidi

Activity Officer, Social (Acting as Vice-President): Nick Smith

Activity Officer, Academic: Niels van Berkel

Activity Officer, Industry: Donia Malekian

Founding Executives (July 2017-November 2017)

President: Abdulaziz Murad

Executive members:

  • Donia Malekian
  • Doris Hoogeveen (Activities Officer)
  • Sarah Ellen Webber (Secretary)
  • Maria Veronica Torres Pena
  • Peter Uchenna Eze (Communications Officer)
  • Gerardo Luis (Ikee) Dimaguila (Treasurer)

CIS-GReS is the official group supported by the School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne. It is also affiliated with the Graduate Student Association.