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CIS PhD Students awarded a Google PhD Fellowship

Congratulations to Ekaterina Vylomova and Sarah Ellen Webber, who have both been awarded a Google PhD Scholarship, following a competitive national screening process. They won 2 out of 4 fellowships awarded in Australia. Details of their fellowships are as follows:

  • Ekaterina Vylomova, Google Australia PhD Fellowship in Natural Language Processing (The University of Melbourne) - Research Proposal Title: Compositional Morphology through Deep Learning. Ekaterina’s focus on language generation and computational morphology was inspired by the works of Stanislaw LEm and Issaac Asimov on robotics and AI. When introduced by her cousin to programming she wrote her first chat-bot program “Golem”, an early experiment in AI.

  • Sarah Webber, Google Australia PhD Fellowship in Human Computer Interaction (The University of Melbourne) - Interactive Technology for Human-Animal Encounters at the Zoo. Sarah’s research looks at digital technology designed to provide zoo animals with enriching experiences and cognitive challenges. Her PhD examines how the design of such technology can shape people's attitudes to other species, and to conservation issues. Hearing a talk by Dr Genevieve Bell first revealed to Sarah that human-computer interaction researchers were, like her, interested in how technology design can help to solve difficult societal problems - and she has been hooked ever since.

Students and Staff are finalists of the Engineering & IT Achievement Awards 2017!

Several of our students and staff were winners finalists of this year's Engineering & IT Achievement Awards.

Farah Zaib Khan is this year's Most Helpful Tutor as well as the recipient of the People's Choice Award!

Meanwhile, Julie Ireland is a finalist for Most Helpful Professional Staff, Matthew Farrugia a finalist for Most Innovative Academic, and Fernando Estrada Martinez de Alva a finalist for Most Socially Responsible Student.

Congratulations to all of you - you make the School proud!

CIS Students in the University's 3-Minute Thesis Competition

Congratulations to two of our members who competed in the challenging 3MT Competition!

Gerardo Luis (Ikee) Dimaguila made it to the grand final, while Fraser Allison made it to the semi-finals.

Well done, let's hope we continue to have more CIS representatives in this great event next year.