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Regular Events


'Arvo' is the Aussie slang for afternoon, and Bytes serves a dual purpose: it sounds like 'bite' for snack, and 'byte' represents us CIS students!

Every Thursday @ 3.30 PM

CIS Student Hub on Level 3, Melbourne Connect

Meet and Greet! Engage with other CIS graduate research students while enjoying fresh fruits, snacks, sweets, coffee, and tea.

Contact us if you want to have your say and volunteer for helping the community during these regular events.

Boardgames Night

We have a well curated library and many seasoned players to teach you. We normally play quick and fun party games and with a dedicated bunch devoted to short but engaging strategy games.

Every Last Friday @ 5.30 PM

CIS Student Hub on Level 3, Melbourne Connect

Pizza, snacks and drinks are provided!

Our Collections

  • 7 Wonders

  • Azul

  • Dixit it

  • Loveletter

  • One night werewolf and the daybreak expansion

  • Sheriff of Nottingham

  • Skull

  • Splendor

  • The Resistance (with all expansions)

And many more games that do not fit into this small text box!

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Previous Events


Best time to run for a position and make a difference in our School of Computing and Information Systems!

CIS-GReS relies on volunteers to support the continuous operation of this group, which has a large impact on your day-to-day experiences as a graduate student.

All are welcome!

There will be free Pizza and drink, with vegetarian and halal options

Date and Time: Wednesday the 16th of May, 2018, 4:30 pm

Place: level 8 of the DMD building, room 8.03

Free Barbecue on February

CIS-GReS welcomes all new and returning RHD students with a Free Barbecue On February!

All are welcome!

There will be free food and drink, with vegetarian and halal options

Date and Time: Friday the 2nd of March from 4:00pm till 5:30pm

Place: The green field in front of the 1888 building (2 minutes walk from DMD), located on the Grattan St side of the university

Pizza time

Pizza day!!

We have a surprise on our final Arvo Bytes for 2017! Please join us to celebrate the end of the year with delicious FREE PIZZA!!

14 December 2017, Thursday at 3.30pm in room 8.02, Doug McDonell Building

This will be an opportunity to catch up with your fellow students and meet committee members.

Fruits and soft drinks will be provided too.

We look forward to seeing you!


We have a Logo winner with the highest vote from you!

Congratulation Niels Van Berkel for designing the official logo of CIS-GReS community!!

The official logo of the CIS-GReS community, by Niels Van Berkel